5B4AIF club station ( C4I contest call ) is situated on a 4000 sqrm lot about 25 km to the East of the City of Paphos in the Westhern Cyprus.

             The station is built for MO2T or SO2R contesting, but allows to operate some multi-operations as well. There will be more station automation and standardization. In this process we are greatly supported by 5B4AIV (LZ3CQ) ,5B4AIE , LZ2HM and others.

HF Station : 

 2 x FT-2000 / FT1000MKV Field/ 2 x Orion / IC7400


2 x ACOM 1000/ 1 x ACOM 2000A

IT Setup :


Using software:

Win-Test / Writelog / Logger32 

VHF/UHF station :

Yaesu FT-847, FT8900, FT8800, IC-7400, IC-2200H, ID-800, V2000 triband vertical

Shack1 Antennas:  ( rebuild now )

Acom LS1210 12 Element Log Periodic 20-15-10

Cushcraft XM240 converted to a Moxon W6NL 

Shack2 Antennas:

10m 7 El.Yagi design by LZ3CQ  made by ACOM ( soon 2 x 7el. )

15m 6 El.Yagi design by LZ3CQ  made by ACOM ( soon 2 x 6el. )

20m 6 El.Yagi design by LZ3CQ  made by ACOM  ( established March 2009 )

40m  4el. Yagi design by LZ3CQ ( established November 2009 )+ Sloper & GP with elevated radials   

80m Inverted V & GP with elevated radials ( established  May 2010).

160m inverted V ( soon 27m Vertical )

6m  6 El.Quad by Cubex & 5 El.Yagi

We have recently sent out more than 50,000 picture QSL cards for ALL QSOs in 2005, 2006, and 2007 over the bureau. Our QSL cards have different pictures for every year.

You can find a lot of information, pictures, videos etc. on our website soon . Whenever you hear us in a contest, please give us a call – even if you have worked us before in the last contest! We do appreciate every contact very much.

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